Culture, Futures, Technology & Design

Hoi! I’m Natalie. I’m a curator, writer, and researcher working at the intersection of culture, technology, design and futures. I currently work at the fantastic FutureEverything in Manchester, and hold a research position at futures research lab Changeist. You can read more here.

You can also find me on Twitter, or drop me a line at hello [at] ndkane [dot] com

Recent Writing

The Multiple futures of Babytech – For How We Get To Next. In which I delve into a speculative scenario surrounding the quantified baby, what questions should be asked around privilege, ethics and privacy?

Who’s To Blame When a Therapy Bot Goes Wrong? – For How We Get To Next. A new piece on the ethics of automated care, future law for bots, and the inevitable, messy, blame game that we haven’t really worked out yet.

Fallow Futures – for the WdW Review (Witte de With Publishing). An essay on why futures needs art in order to assess the damage of progress dogma, to slow it down and see the systems at play.

Three Short Futures: On children, data, parenting and the Internet of Things. For Changeist.

A short history of death on the internet, and the deaths we have to come – A written up transcript of my talk at The Death Forum, May 2016.

Research Projects & Scrapbooks

Baby Futures

Thingclash (a project with Changeist).

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